Property Type : House & Land
Fixed Price
  • 450.00 m2

  • 4 Bedroom

  • 2 Bathroom

  • 2 Garage

Lot 203, New Rd, Davoren Park , Evergreen Estate, SA

Adelaide is one of Australia’s most consistent markets, a status it has maintained over the past 12 months.
It remains the busiest market in capital city Australia and one that is forecast by several analysts to be a national leader on price growth.
In the past six quarterly surveys of sales activity conducted by Hotspotting, the number of growth suburbs has been 46, 45, 58, 61, 71 and 60, showing that the market has plateaued recently but remains elevated compared to 12-18 months ago.
SA, dominated by Adelaide, has impressed with its steady performance in the past five years.
It continues to rank well ahead of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as the recovering Perth market, in terms of the number of growth suburbs.

Major Project Updates:

In support of the new aircraft, the Federal Government is funding $659 million worth of upgrades to Edinburgh RAAF Base.
The improvements are expected to be completed by 2019.

By 2022, 12 aircraft will be based at RAAF Base Edinburgh.
Another Defence project is the $1.2 billion upgrade of the radar system at the RAAF Base.
This will create 200 new jobs.

- Revamp of GMH site

The site of the General Motors Holden manufacturing plant has been bought by the Pelligra Group which is transforming the site into a high-tech manufacturing hub.
Now known as Lionsgate Business Park, the $250 million development will evolve over 20 years.
The transformation is under way with German battery storage company Sonnen opening a battery storage plant on the site where 50,000 energy storage systems are to be built over five years.
Sonnen employs about 400 people but has plans to expand in 2019.
Five hi-tech manufacturing companies are in the process of joining Sonnen in the complex, swelling the workforce by 1,600.

Major economic change is occurring in the LeFevre Peninsula precinct.
Defence Force contracts totalling $89 billion, together with State Government initiatives, are launching Port Adelaide region into a new stratosphere.

The Osborne Naval Shipyard is undergoing a $535 million upgrade to accommodate the building of 40 new Defence craft;
500 public servants are being moved into the precinct also.



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